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To be filled with desire is not a very desirable state

Why to be filled with desire is not a very desirable state?

When we are filled with desire, there will be:

Constant worry
Negative emotions
Fear of losing what we have achieved.

All the above said makes our life a living hell. Life becomes a cruel joke.

Solution – Realizing that all forms of external happiness have only a very short lifespan. Search for that happiness which is constant. It is within us.


Sanat Sujata says:

. . . I tell you, forgetfulness (of our true nature) is death and constant mindfulness, immortality . . . .
This death comes out of the ego of men in the form of anger, ignorance and delusion. Following evil ways, as men generally do, under the impulse of ego, hardly anyone attains union with the Self. (Sanatsujatiya, 1.4.7.)

What pure knowledge seekers seek so eagerly by repetition of the Vedas, by religious gifts, by earnest application of their hard-earned knowledge, and by renunciation, is the Truth, That Thou Art! (Guru Stuti, V.7.)

He was afraid. Therefore people (still) are afraid to be alone. He thought, 'If there is nothing else but me, what am I afraid of?' From that alone his fear was gone, for, what was there to fear? It is from a second entity that fear comes. (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, I.IV.2.)

The sun shines not there, nor the moon and stars, these lightnings shine not, where then could this fire be? Everything shines only after that shining light. His shining illumines all this world. (Mundaka Upanishad, II.2.11)