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Realizing Supreme Truth

We always hear about Supreme Truth in Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma). Self-realization or knowing the supreme truth is a constant topic in spirituality. True knowledge is Supreme Truth. In simple terms, Supreme Truth or Supreme soul is what we call god.

As per Sanatana Dharma, God appears is various forms.

Unimaginable and innumerable are the forms of God. There is no end to the characteristics of That.

If we attempt to focus on various forms, we will be exhausted and this will result in suffering.

Therefore, we need to get out of the trap of going after forms.

Instead, we should be focusing the reason or cause of all these forms.

When we do this, ignorance will be removed.

We will then see the single source of energy shining in all forms.

This single source is Supreme Truth or Supreme Soul or God or Krishna or Vishnu or Shiva or Devi…

This realization results in permanent bliss or self-realization.