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Pushya Masam Importance

Pushya masam is an important lunar month in Telugu and Kannada calendar. Pushya masam is of importance in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. It is the lunar month commencing in middle of December and ending in middle of January.

The deity representing the month is Sriman Narayana. Full moon falling on Pushya nakshatra in the month is an indicator of Pushya Yoga. Normally the month falls between the month of Margasira (whose ruling deity is Keshava) and Magha (who ruling deity is Madhava). Bharata, brother of Rama in Ramayana, was born in this period.

Benefits Observing Rituals And Pujas In Pushya Masam

  • One who takes only one meal a day in this month will become fortunate, lucky, blessed and auspicious, good-looking, handsome and beautiful, famous, glorious and renowned.
  • One who fast on the 12th day of the month and worships Lord Vishnu will be bestowed with the fruits of Vajapeya sacrifice.
  • Rohini nakshatra in shukla paksha of the month is highly auspicious. One who takes bathe at night on the day, and meditates on moonlight wearing a single piece of cloth will attain success and fortune which can be only got from yajnas.
  • A person born in this month will be happy, with an upright character and will be the doer of good deeds. The person will important huge tasks, attains big position and will help father.
  • Lighting lamps in the month in temples will help in achieving peace, prosperity and development.
  • It is believed that the month is the morning of Devas.