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Jada – Long Hair Of Shiva In Hinduism

Shiva is known as Jada-dhari – one with long matted-hair. Sap of banyan tree is mixed with bhasma and applied oh hair and then spun to make Jadain Hinduism. The name jada is because the hair is intertwined. All Sannyasis and Rishis of ancient Hindu world had jada. Growing jada was an important aspect of sainthood and Puranas glorify such holy saints.

Jada – Long Hair Of Shiva In Hinduism

Even today many men and women grow jada as part of Shiva worship.

The Jada of Shiva is known as Kapardam. It is red in color. As per Varaha Purana, all the mountains, rivers, seas and oceans in the world is represented in the jada of Shiva. It is believed that they all rise in the jada of Shiva.

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