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Use of Glass and Rock Salt in Home to Remain Wealthy

In several Hindu homes in many regions, people keep rock salt in a glass tumbler. The glass tumbler with salt is kept in the southwest direction (नैऋत्य कोण). It is believed that keeping a glass filled with water and rock salt helps in remaining wealthy. Such homes will always have the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi. Jyeshta Lakshmi will not enter the house and therefore there will be no poverty.

The tumbler should be made of crystal or glass – metals should not be used.

The glass tumbler should be filled ¼th with rock salt. Then water should be poured up to ½ or ¾th.
This should be kept in a southwest direction.

You should make sure that the tumbler should not be accidentally hit. Water in the tumbler should not spill in your home.

A small red light should be lit near the tumbler.

When the water in the glass evaporates, it should be cleaned and refilled.