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Chudalabhadra – About Goddess Chudala Bhadrakali

Chudalabhadra is a ferocious form of Goddess Bhadrakali worshipped mainly in ancient villages in South India especially in Kerala. It is believed that this form of Bhadra Kali resides in the cremation grounds. Chudukadu means Smashanam or cremation ground.  And the goddess gets her name from this aspect. She along with the fierce aspect of Shiva rules the cremation grounds.

It is believed that Chudalabhadra along with her companions performs dance in the smashanam.

Every life form has to undergo transformation before merging in the Supreme Truth, Chudala Bhadra makes this transformation easy for the life form.

There is a popular story associated with Chudalabhadra and Naranathu Branthan – a divine person, an avadhuta who pretended to be mad. Chudala Bhadra could not scare Naranathu Branthan who used to frequent the cremation grounds. Impressed by the knowledge and fearlessness of Naranathu Branthan, she offered him a boon.

Naranathu Branthan asked Chudalabhadra to extend the time of his death by a day. She said it was not possible. He then asked if she could reduce his time of death by a day. She said this too was not possible.

Naranathu Branthan then asked the Filariasis disease on his left leg to be transferred to the right leg.

In North Kerala, Chudala Bhadra is an important Theyyam performed by Vellar. They propitiate the goddess through the Theyyam dance.