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Can We Join A New Job On Ekadashi?

A question asked by many Hindus is – can they join a new job on Ekadashi. The 11th day of fortnight dedicated to Bhagavan Vishnu is known as Ekadashi. A fast is observed by millions of Hindus.

Yes you can join a new job on Ekadashi. There is no problem with it. As such Ekadashi tithi is auspicious.

Opt for the time period from 12:00 PM to 12:40 PM on Ekadashi as there is Abhijit Muhurta during the period. This will negate if there is any inauspicious time like Vishti or Bhadra, or nakshatra dosha or Vaidhriti yoga.

But on Wednesday there will be no Abhijit Muhurta. Then you can opt for the ideal morning period or when there is Amrita Kalam.

Always remember when you have unwavering devotion and are ready to work hard and are determined, Krishna will be there to guide you always – just like he guided Arjuna on the Kurukshetra battlefield. Single-minded focus alone is what is required.