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Why Sage Uttanaka Agreed To Be Chief Priest Of Snake Sacrifice in the Mahabharata

Sage Uttanaka was the chief priest of the Sarpa Satra, snake sacrifice, conducted by King Janamejaya in the Mahabharata. Janamejaya performed the sacrifice to avenge the death of his father, Parikshit. But why did Sage Uttanaka agree to become the chief priest of the Sarpa Satra, which intended to kill all the snakes on earth.

Sage Uttanaka had a personal grudge towards snakes especially Takshaka.

As Guru Dakshina, Sage Uttanaka was supposed to get the earrings of a queen. With much difficulty, Sage Uttanaka was able to get the earrings. However, Takshaka, the serpent king, stole it from him.

From that day, the Sage was looking for an ideal opportunity to take revenge. He wanted to perform the snake sacrifice but did not have the resources to conduct it.

He got the opportunity when Janamejaya decided to perform the Sarpa Satra.

This story shows that all our actions will always have a result. We might not experience the result immediately. But our actions will follow us and its result will happen sometime in future.