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Moksha Can Happen Only Through Proper Understanding

To achieve liberation, or moksha, we need to think and have independent viewpoints. If we blindly follow, we will never achieve our goal. Moksha can happen only through proper understanding.

Thinking comes with responsibility because we have to make choices and take decisions.

Those who blindly follow never achieve liberation because they are being led and used by their leaders. Blind followers are after desire fulfillment. Desires are never fulfilled. Only true knowledge shuts the gates of desires.

To achieve liberation we need to ask questions to ourselves. With each doubt cleared or question answered, we are removing the layers of ignorance that is covering the Truth.

Asking questions or having doubt is not blasphemy. It is an important element in faith. It helps us in understanding our faith better.

Always know that what you are seeking is within. People can only show directions. But you have to do the walking towards the destination.