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Thirumurai Teachings And Quotes

Thirumurai is an ancient Tamil book consisting of songs in praise of Lord Shiva. A collection of teachings and quotes from Thirumurai.

Plough with truth. Plant the seed of desire for knowledge. Weed out falsehood. Irrigate the mind with the water of patience. Supervise your work by introspection and self-analysis. Build the fence of yama and niyama. You will soon attain Sivananda or eternal bliss of Siva.

The Lord is both inside and outside, form and no form. He is both the flood and the bank. He is the broad-rayed sun. Himself the highest mystery, He is in all hidden thoughts. He is thought and meaning, and embraces all who embrace Him.


Wisdom Of Gurus - Sri Ramana Maharshi

There is but One Being, devoid of all qualities and beyond the pale of death, birth, decay, progress etc. It is described as Sat-chit-ananda, (Existence - knowledge - bliss).

Question yourself and learn that you are neither the body, the senses, the prana (life), nor the mind, nor avidya (ignorance). For all these are insentient while you are the Sat (the real).

The mind is nothing but the thoughts. The root thought is the little T which is known as ahamkara, or ego. When the question, 'Who am I?' preponderates , it kills all other thoughts at first and is itself gone ultimately, since the little I dwindles into nothing as you concentrate on its nature.

What is there for you to achieve while you are That (Sat-chitananda) already? You are beyond all time, space and causation. You are the Un-limited, Absolute, Supreme Being of Bliss. Like the silk worm which weaves its own web and crushes itself by being caught within its tightening folds, the ignorant man who yields to the mind and its ways seems to be immersed in a world of misery, though in reality, he never ceases to b e the One Only without a Second.