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Neev Pujan Importance – Foundation Of New House Puja In Hinduism

Neev Puja is of great importance in Hindu religion and it is the puja performed on the foundation of a new house. The puja involves placing the murti of naag or sarp (snake idol) and Kalash in North India. There is deep symbolism and religious importance to this ritual.

As per Hindu belief, there is the patal loka and naag lok below earth. The entire earth is situated on the head of Sheshnag. He is the ruler of the patal loka.

The puja is showing respect to the snakes and other living beings who are residing below the earth.

It is taking the blessing and permission of the living beings residing in the area in which the house is to be constructed.

Through the puja we are asking them to move to a different place.

It is also believed that by keeping the standing snake idol, the owner of the house is asking the snakes to protect and hold the house steady. The owner is seeking the blessing that there will be no accidents in the house during construction and after construction and the house will remain steady for hundreds of years.

Kalash represent fullness, fertility and abundance. A coin with image of Goddess Lakshmi is put inside the kalash and buried in the foundation. The Kalash is decorated with flowers and filled with milk. All these are asking the gods to bless the residents of the house with fertility and prosperity.