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Control Of Mind Is Not Attained In A Day Or Two– Swami Vireswarananda

Control of the mind is not attained in a day or two. That we do not get meditation easily and that it is very difficult and hard to practice is not our experience only, but also of great souls like Arjuna. Sri Krishna assures us that the mind can be controlled through constant practice (Abhyasa) and dispassion (Vairagya). It is desire that makes the mind restless and consequently you do not get concentration. Renounce these desires through discrimination (Vichara) and purify your mind and you will get good concentration. Vairagya is dispassion from sense enjoyments. We have to discriminate and give up all desires that are lurking in our minds. It is these desires that create trouble in the mind.

Sheshnag Sculpture In Angkor Wat, Cambodia 

Spiritual practice is nothing but a struggle to attain that state which takes us beyond all suffering. All troubles arise because we have identified ourselves with the external world. Detachment from the external world will not come to us unless we are convinced that the world outside is transitory and is not lasting. Without effort, without struggle, no grace will come – that is certain.

The mind is within the sphere of matter and has its ebb and flow like the river. So when your mind tends to become depressed or you find your mind is not in the normal mood, pray to Sri Ramakrishna to remove this mood from your mind and He will help.
Swami Vireswarananda

Source - Book titled - Swami Vireswarananda—A Divine Life