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10 Vastu Tips for a Better Career - 10 Small Changes To Home And Workplace For Better Job Prospects

Vastu Shastra provides certain tips for better career and progress in the job-related matters. Here are 10 simple Vastu Tips for better career prospects with some small changes to home and workplace.
  1. Having an opening in the north is considered auspicious. It means having door, or windows, in the north and sitting facing it is good. North is associated with Kuber.
  2. Sitting under concrete beams are not good. Due to the iron content in the beams, your energy flow will be disturbed.
  3. You should not sit with your back towards an entrance door.
  4. Hanging pictures of hills or mountains behind the office chair are helpful. Scenery of water bodies should be avoided. Avoid pictures of war and violence. Avoid pictures with negative emotions.
  5. Your table should be rectangular or square. These two shapes contain all the deities in the Vastu Purusha Mandala. Wooden furniture is better. Avoid plastic and metal as far as possible. Glass top table is good if your workplace is in the west. Avoid broken furniture as it erodes energy.
  6. The office should have more space. There should be no clutter. Less furniture the better. Cleanliness is very important. Smoking, consuming alcohol or other intoxicating drinks and sex should be avoided in the work area.
  7. Avoid windows behind your chair. Have open space in the front. The room should be lit properly. Place your seat in the Southwest corner.
  8. Puja area, or lamp, in the office, should be placed on the southeast. This will attract money and good luck. Keeping fresh flowers on the east side is good. Have a picture of Ganesha along with your personal deity. Do not crowd the puja area.
  9. The Northeast corner is the head of Vastu Purusha and this place should be kept neat and tidy. Center for the room is Brahmasthan and it should be neat and open.
  10. Have a clock on the north side wall. It is helpful in career progress. All the windows in the north and east side should be always clean. Heat producing machines should be placed on the southeast side.