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Symbolism Of Kalpavriksha – The Wish fulfilling Tree In Hinduism

Kalpavriksha, or the wish fulfilling, tree in Hinduism is a unique concept with deep symbolism. The kalpavriksha can be any human being walking on earth who has overpowered the senses and is able to achieve single-minded focus. Kalpavriksha is a human mind wedded to single-mindedness. The person is not a slave of the senses.

A dedicated and hardworking human being with an unwavering mind can do the impossible. All great inventions both good and bad are the result of unwavering minds.

When the complete energy in a person is organized in one direction, inventions and discoveries happen. Many things that are so common today like smartphone are the result of such brilliant minds.

So every person can fulfill their wishes provided they can develop an unwavering mind that has complete control over the senses.

Anything can be a reality when the mind is under control.

Along with control of senses, one needs to overcome all kinds of fear to become a Kalpavriksha. The person should also know what he really wants.

The achieve something we must clearly know what we want. Once we know the destination we must focus all our energy in reaching the destination.

Always know that which is the source of creation is present in all living beings. That source is the power behind the entire cosmos. That energy is present in the sun, the distant star and within you.  

So become the Kalpavriksha and fulfill your dreams and put smile in face of living beings.