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Story Of Goddess Ira in Hinduism – Mother Of All Plants

As per Matsya Purana, Goddess Ira is the mother of all trees, shrubs and creepers. She is thus the mother of all plants in Hinduism.  Ira, a daughter of Daksha Prajapati, was the mother of three daughters. Her daughters were Lata (creeper), Valli (creeping plants) and Virudha. They became in turn mothers of trees, plants and shrubs.

Ira means water and since the vegetable kingdom cannot subsist without water. Ira thus became the mother of all vegetation.

Lata created creepers, flowerless plants growing in sandy regions, as well as trees with flowers and fruits.

Valli created bushes and grasses of all kinds.

It must be noted here that as per Devi Mahatmya (Markandeya Purana 91. 48-49), Goddess Shakambhari is the mother of all plants. She appeared after a severe drought and blessed the earth with vegetation.

The same Markandeya Purana (48. 3-26) also suggests that plants and tress appeared from the hair in the body of Brahma.

From time immemorial Hindus was have associated vegetation with Mother Goddess. Terracotta images of plants appearing from the womb of Mother Goddess was part of Harappa civilization.