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Marana Siddhi In Tantra

Marana Siddhi is a tantric rite to gain the ability or power to kill. There are six tantric rites that confer power over others or events.

These are:
  1. Shanti or svastyayana (pacifying and making auspicious).
  2. Vasikarana (bringing under control and making a thing or a person obedient)
  3. Stambhana (arresting movement and making one stand still like a pole
  4. Vivesana (making one inimical or antagonistic)
  5. Uccatana (driving away or uprooting a person who is likely to do harm)
  6. Marana (killing or destroying an enemy)
Marana is attained by those who have undergone rigorous penance and have attained siddhis or extraordinary/supernatural powers.

In the tantric texts we find detailed instructions about how the rite of marana should be performed.

In Jnanarnavatantra (XX 166-167), it is said that marana is to be performed in the evening.

Mantramahodadhi (XXV 15-16) points out that Bhadrasana is the posture useful for marana.

The skin of a buffalo is suited for sitting while performing the ritual. This is mentioned in Dvitiyamundamalatantra (III 5-6).

The suitable mudras, yantras and mandalas for Marana Siddhi are mentioned in the 25th and 26th chapter of Mantramahodadhi.