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Comparing Human Mind To Honeybee In Hinduism

Comparing human mind to honeybee in Hinduism is very common. Here is look at this teaching.

Hovering over trees, shrubs and plants, sniffing and sampling the flowers to check how much of nectar is available there, it lives — the honeybee. Making honey is its mission of life.

Its life is a life of constant chase for flowers. This is what takes it to gardens, jungles, shrubs and groves. It keeps buzzing over the flowers and once it settles down on a flower, it is absorbed in sipping the honey. It becomes quiet. No more sound, no more movement, no more anxiety.
Comparing Human Mind To Honeybee In Hinduism

Sri Ramakrishna, one may recall, used to compare the human mind to a honeybee.

As long as the mind is doubtful and undecided, it makes sound. It hops from one object to another, sampling and sniffing various ideas and lines of thinking. Not only that. After ‘gathering’ some ideas, it wants to tell that it has done so. Hence, it keeps shouting its ideas, weighing them, criticizing or praising them— discarding some, retaining some others. But once the mind settles down on Truth or on the path leading to Truth, it becomes quiet. No more commotion or sound of any kind—only sipping the honey.

SourceVedanta Kesari Editorial November 2007