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Accept Weakness And Faults To Overcome Them

We all have some weaknesses, faults and failings. First step to overcoming them is by accepting them by being truthful and honest. Do not shy away. Do not try to cover up. When we are not truthful, numerous other problems like anger and frustration arrive to complicate things.

We can overcome these faults and failings gradually by cultivating our strengths. We can overcome these weaknesses through company of good people, good books and through unwavering devotion.

You need not go and tell about your weaknesses or failings to near and dear ones. To overcome them we need to be truthful with ourselves.

When we accept it as a problem, automatically we will try to find a solution to overcome it.

Majority of our weaknesses, faults and failings are the result of searching for happiness and contentment outside. The happiness that we receive from outside is momentary. Why should we struggle and waste our life for such momentary pleasures.