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Yellow Sapphire Mantra – Secret - Effective Way Of Wearing Yellow Sapphire Ring

The mantra or prayer associated with birthstone yellow sapphire is dedicated to Jupiter or Guru or Brihaspati. The mantra should be chanted before wearing the yellow sapphire ring. Below you will find a secret and highly effective way of wearing yellow sapphire.

It will help in attaining wealth, name, fame, honor and good health. Chanting the mantra and wearing the yellow sapphire ornament will help in curing eye diseases.

Yellow sapphire ring mantra isOm Brim Brihaspataye Namah (ॐ  ब्रिम बृहस्पतये नमः )

The ring should be worn on the index finger of right hand after chanting the mantra.

The ring should be worn from sunrise to before 7:30 AM during the waxing phase of moon. The ideal day is Thursday.

It is highly helpful to energize the yellow sapphire once in a week (on Thursdays) by chanting the above given mantra 108 times.  While chanting the mantra keep the yellow sapphire on a yellow color cloth or flower.

The best metal to make ring of yellow sapphire is gold.

Secret - Effective Way Of Wearing Yellow Sapphire Ring

Before wearing yellow sapphire ring place it on a male sponge gourd flower. Apply some chandan and chant the above given mantra 108 times. Take the male sponge gourd flower and put the pollen of it on a live female sponge gourd flower.

You can wear this ring and it will give you 100% results.

Sponge gourd is known as Ghia Torai, Palo, Neyangnattakolu, Bhatkakrel, Aibhi, Thuppada Heere.