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Worship Shiva With Third Eye For Disease Cure Of Mind And Body

There are so many different kinds of pictures and paintings of Mahadev Shiva. Each of them has specific purpose and importance. Those pictures which prominently depict the third eye of Shiva should be worshipped for disease cure.

Lord Shiva is depicted with a third eye on his forehead. This eye is usually associated with the great destruction that will happen at the end of cycle of creation. It is also associated with fire. The third eye thus purifies the universe.

By worshipping the third eye of Lord Shiva a devotee will be purifying the body and mind.

Many diseases of the body can be cured when we are able to control the mind. The third eye of Shiva will put an end to the never ending desires and lust. Thus the mind is brought under control. Body automatically becomes disease free when the mind is under control.

The position of third eye is also the seat of wisdom – the higher brain. It is this higher brain which separates humans from animals. In Kali Yuga this higher brain is completely closed due to ignorance and this result in humans being behaving worse than demons.
Thus worship of Shiva with third eye will help in having a healthy body and mind.