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Why Kamdev Is Known As Ananga? - One Without Body

Ananga is one among the numerous names of Kamdev, Hindu God of Love. After the death of Sati at Daksha Yajna, Lord Shiva entered into deep and intense meditation in the Himalayas. He was no longer interested in the world.

Demons took advantage of the situation and got the boon that only a son of Shiva would annihilate them.

Devas were in deep trouble because of this. Devas and saints took refuge at the feet of Brahma who told that the only solution for this problem was to bring back Lord Shiva to the world and stop his penance.

Brahma asked the gods to take the help of Kamdev to stop the penance by creating sexual desire and passion in Lord Shiva.

Kamdev arrived in front of Shiva along with Rati Devi, and shot five arrows of flowers at the heart of Shiva.

Shiva’s Tapas was interrupted. He was terribly angry and from his third eye, a fierce blazing flame appeared and burned Kamdev into ashes.

Rati Devi was inconsolable at the death of her husband. She asked Shiva as to what will happen to the world without desire. With the death of Kamdev there will be no desire or lust on earth. Her lamentations moved Shiva who realized that total rejection of the world made no sense.

Shiva then consoled Rati that Kamdev will exist without body. He will be Ananga.