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Wake Up Early In the Morning Says Hindu Religion – And It Has Great Advantages

Hinduism firmly believes that waking up early in the morning has a great advantage. Advantages of Waking up Early as per Hindu religion:
  • Our concentration levels are very high during the period.
  • Things we learn remain etched in the mind.
  • It is a time to get fresh ideas – there will be a flow of ideas during the period.
  • The period is extremely beneficial to students.
  • It is an ideal time to prepare for interviews and exams.
  • As per Hindu teachings, in deep sleep, we return to our original source. When walking up from deep sleep in the early morning, we carry some amount of energy from the source. This energy stays with us only for a very limited amount of time. Those who can make use of this powerful energy can achieve immeasurable success.
  • The rhythm of life is tuned to sleep when the sunsets and to wake up along with the first light. Our ancestors have been following this schedule from time immemorial. This is the specific reason why only dark forces move around at night. Night symbolically represents inertia (Tamas) and with the first light, we get the blessing of knowledge.
  • Surya, the sun god, is pratyaksha Brahman (visible god) in Hindu religion. Worshipping and taking the blessing of Surya is considered beneficial. The first rays of the sun contain medicinal properties and it helps in revitalizing us.
From a Research
The finding: People whose performance peaks in the morning are better positioned for career success because they’re more proactive than people who are at their best in the evening.
The study: Biologist Christoph Randler surveyed 367 university students, asking what time of day they were most energetic and how willing and able they were to take action to change a situation to their advantage. A higher percentage of the morning people agreed with statements that indicate proactivity, such as “I spend time identifying long-range goals for myself” and “I feel in charge of making things happen.”
(You can read the entire research related article here)
It must be noted here that not all people are tuned to wake up early and perform. There are people who get energy levels during at a different time of day. Human beings have evolved and we no longer follow the rhythm of nature – this has its advantages and disadvantages. We need not force a particular person to wake up early in the morning to follow tradition. We just need to tell the person about the advantages of rising early in the morning. Nothing should be forced in Hinduism.

We wake up early or late, it all depends on how effectively we utilize the time to get our daily chores done.

Some of us might be morning persons and some might be night owls. All that matters is did we accomplish what is required during the course of a day.

Times we are productive varies from people to people.

Except for lazy people, all other people have a deliberate routine when they are most productive for some it might be early in the morning and for some in the noon.

Wake up anytime but do not to waste time and life.

Personally, waking up early has many advantages especially for those working from home. It helps in having a good health. It is an excellent way to develop hobbies like gardening etc.