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Unknown Facts About Vijayawada Kanaka Durga Temple

The world famous Kanaka Durga Temple in Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh needs no introduction. Here are few unknown facts about this great temple which attracts millions of devotees in a month.

Vijayawada Kanaka Durga Temple is perhaps the only shrine where Mother Goddess Durga is positioned to the right of the her consort, Sri Malleswara Swamy. Traditionally, the female deity is always to the left of the male deity.

The first ritual at the Kanaka Durga Temple is the ‘therthapu binde.’ It is to use the Krishna waters for abhishekam and other worship. The water is ceremonially brought from the river in a brass pot at 3 AM before suprabhatham is sung. The brass vessel is called theerthapu binde.

Sari worn by Goddess Durga as Prasad – Six couples are given the exclusive privilege of having first darshan in the antharalayam and offering silk dresses (pattu vastrams) to Sri Kanaka Durga and getting them back after being sanctified by covering it on the murti or vigraha of Kanaka Durga in the sanctum sanctorum. This newly introduced Sri Ammavari Vastram Seva costs 25,000 rupees.

Worship of Sword of Goddess – Khadgamala is an important puja in the temple. In this puja devotees worship the sword of Goddess for success in business, examination or any other enterprise. In the past, kings used to perform this ritual before going to battle.

Decoration of fruits and vegetables – During Shakambari utsavam in the Ashada month, the main deity, the sanctum and the entire temple premises are decked up with a variety of fruits and flowers.

Decoration using bangles – the main vigraha of Kanaka Durga and the temple area are festooned with bangles of various sizes and hues for the Gajula Utsavam.