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Tryambaka Homa For Getting Good Husband – Wife

Traymbaka Homa is a very ancient ritual dedicated to Lord Shiva and Mother Goddess Shakti in her Ambika form. This ritual is performed by unmarried women for getting good husband and by unmarried men for getting good wife. This ritual finds reference in the Satapatha Brahmana.

How To Perform Tryambaka Homa?

The person performing the ritual needs to take bath early in the morning and wear white color dress.

A shivling or image of Shiva-Parvati should be placed in the northeast side of the house.

Offer few drops of water, light diya, offer a fruit, offer bhasma and offer white color flowers.

The person should then create a mental image of Shiva Parvati in mind and chant ‘om namah shivaya’ 108 times.

After puja, all puja offerings should be deposited under a bilva tree.

The person should then visit a Shiva temple and should go three times around the sanctum sanctorum.

The ritual should be performed on all Mondays or Saturdays till desire is fulfilled.