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Rudrani – About Goddess Rudrani

Information about Rudrani is found in various Hindu scriptures especially in Puranas. As per Vishnu Purana, seeing Adharma flourishing on earth and Mother Earth suffering, Brahman became angry. From his curved eyebrows and forehead burning with anger rose Rudra, luminous like afternoon sun. His body was huge and it was half male and half female. The female half of Brahman separated from the body and came to be known as Rudrani.

Thus Rudrani is the consort of Rudra Shiva. She is powerful Tantric goddess. She has two arms and holds lotus and whisk. She sits on a tiger skin spread atop a lotus.

Murtis of Rudrani are made from gold, silver, bronze, wood or stone.

She is worshipped with esoteric Tantric rituals. She was offered animal sacrifice.

Tantrics also worship her in cremation grounds.

As per Vishnu Purana, Rudrani split into 11 Rudranis. These 11 Rudranis became the consort of 11 Rudras. They are worshipped in numerous names today.