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Meaning Of Prayer At The Entrance of Kanaka Durga Temple

‘Ammalaganna yamma, mugurammala moolaputamma’ is the prayer that a devotee reads at the entrance of the Kanaka Durga Temple atop the Indrakeeladri in Vijayawada. This invocation to divine Mother Shakti was composed by Poet Bammera Pothana in the 15th century.

The meaning of the prayer – it hails Goddess Durga as the mother of all mothers, universal mother and origin of three mothers – Sri Parvati, Sri Lakshmi and Sri Saraswati.
A devotee undergoes an indefinable transformation when the devotee passes through the sanctum sanctorum door. All unwanted thoughts of worldly life are forgotten and the mind is fixed on Mother Goddess Durga who is the primordial source in which all born and in which all merge (die).

Traditionally, the female deity is always on the left of the male deity but in the sanctum sanctorum of Kanaka Durga Temple Goddess Durga is positioned to the right ofher consort, Sri Malleswara Swamy.