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Interconnectedness Makes Life Easy

Interconnectedness is a blessing as it makes life easy for all living beings.

The sense of separation that we feel is the result of ignorance. We have this wrong concept of self, I, or me but we are never separate. Interconnectedness and interdependent is the feature of life in nature. Our ancient seers referred to it as the web of life.

This does not mean that we should surrender our individuality. We need to respect the universal truth of interdependence. When we celebrate our individuality, we should also be thankful to the hundreds of unseen hands that make it possible for us to have a happy and peaceful life.

For many people, interdependence means extra responsibility. They are frightened of being responsible, as it will curtail their freedom. This is not true. All that we need to do is to be sensible and compassionate to nature, our surroundings and to the living beings that live around us.

In this world, we all have our responsibilities; we create difficulties to ourselves and to our surroundings when we are not ready to accept them.

Responsibility does not mean that your freedom is compromised; it should be seen as quality required for a good life in the world.

Another quality that should be developed is empathy. Compassion and caring should be seen as jewels. These are not burdens and they should not be seen as curtailing our freedom. Instead, they make our lives more meaningful, gentle and relaxed.

Abhilash Rajendran