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Goddess Kalarupini Nidra

Goddess Kalarupini Nidra is a powerful manifestation of Mother Goddess and reference of her is found in the Vishnu Parva of Harivamsa Purana. It is believed that Kalarupini Nidra was worshipped by forest dwellers.

Kalarupini Nidra is described as terrible looking, three eyed, surrounded by animals like goats, roosters, jackals, lions and tigers. She lives on high mountain peaks, rivers, caves and dense forests.

She is served by ghosts, goblins and fiends.

She is also sometimes referred to as the goddess of sura or liquor.

She was offered liquor and meat during her ritual worship by forest dwellers.

She is propitiated for good harvest, good hunt and for healthy progeny. Women worshipped her for conceiving and for an incident free pregnancy period.