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End Of Life On Earth And Ganesha

As per Hindu teachings, the cycle of life on earth comes to an end when evil overpowers the earth. When life on earth has gone beyond regeneration, it will be put to an end through the will of the Supreme Truth. As per Saptashati, Ganesha plays a role in ending life on earth.

When Adharma gains in strength, Ganesha uses his powerful trunk to suck up the entire water from earth. This will dry up the earth and the oceans. Then the fire hidden in the sea known as Vadavagni will reach up the sky and swallow the entire earth. This will result in the end of a cycle of creation.

Thousands of human years later, Ganesha will once again pour water on earth from his trunk. This will signal the beginning of a new cycle of creation.

Another form of Ganesha associated with end of creation is Dhumraketu or Dhumravarna.

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