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Planning - Analysis Works In Business But Not In Love

If you want love to grow, flourish and reach its fullness, then stop burdening it with expectations and responsibilities. Allow love to grow freely. Do not trim, tamper and curtail its natural flow.

Planning and analysis works in business but not in love. It has to be spontaneous and natural. It cannot be forced.

True love is within and it expands to include others and the entire universe.

Love that is based on external factors, skin, beauty, wealth and other selfish motives will result in unhappiness.

There is no eternal excitement in love. But when two people are truly in love there is something magical, beyond words, which makes the journey beautiful.

There is union in true love. There is no second. There is only one. This merging can only be experienced.

Lust, jealousy, passion, desire, affection, kindness etc appear and disappear but love always remains steady.

Love should a journey of togetherness. Falling in love should not be the end in itself. There should be constant movement. If not, there will be stagnation and this will result in unhappiness. There should be happiness and growth in love.