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Mind Is Just An Illusion - Understanding Mind Is Its Nemesis

Words that are free from the stain of desire are the most effective. Thoughts that do not see their end in the acquisition or enjoyment of things or persons but fulfill by their own momentum, by letting their energy take its course, are thoughts that are the most powerful.

Just like a person free from any fetters can move fast, a thought free of desire can create a profound effect. To have a powerful speech, one has to be closer to the seed of speech, the thought and the mind. One has to be closer to the source of all speech, a covering on which reality produces speech. By understanding one’s true nature, a person can speak more effectively. Both on the secular and spiritual planes, one can be more effective in thought and word only when one has a correct understanding of one’s life and its goal.

Cultivation of silence – not just by being silent outside, not by just refraining from speaking, but being silent at the mind and curbing the impressions of the mind from bubbling up, by stilling the mind—would enable one to generate powerful and pure thoughts and words.

The goal of one’s life should be to come face to face with the source of all speech, the source of all thought – the Atman or Brahman. That requires one to annihilate the mind by going to its root, ignorance.

To wade through the veils of mind and numerous desires one has to spend some time with it, a time unhindered by the countless pulls of the external world and focused on the mind alone. The more and more one spends such time analyzing one’s mind, the more and more mind loses its strength and the more and more distinct becomes the light of the Atman. Mind is just an illusion. Understanding it is its nemesis. By understanding the mind one can control it, and by controlling it, one can produce powerful thoughts and powerful words.

SourcePrabuddha Bharata December 2015 page 14