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Meera Bai Death – How Did Meera Bai Die?

There have been so many princesses and queens before and after Meera Bai but we rarely remember them. There is no death to Meera Bai. It is true she left her physical body but she continues to live in the minds of devotees. Here is an answer to the query how did Meera Bai die.

The fame of Meera Bai spread around the world. She was brought her back to Mewar. She resided in the temple of Krishna. But, she frequented Vrindavan, Dwarka and other holy places associated with Bhagavan Sri Krishna.

On a Krishna Janmashtami (birthday of Sri Krishna), Meera sang and danced ecstatically. She then moved towards the murti of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. She stumble d and fell at the flowers near the feet of Krishna. She muttered how Krishna you are calling me, I am coming.

Suddenly there was a lightning and the doors of the sanctum sanctorum closed.

The doors of the sanctum sanctorum opened a few minutes later. But Meera Bai was not to be seen. Her saree was enveloping the murti of Krishna. People heard Meera singing and Krishna playing his divine flute.

She merged with Krishna, the aim of every devotee. Meera attained moksha through unwavering devotion to Lord Krishna.

Majority of historians and scholars are of the view that Meera left her body in the famous Dwaraka temple and merged in the murti there. Some scholars claim that she merged in a murti in Vrindavan.

Scholars can debate on the place, time, and age of Meera Bai, what matters to Hindus is that she showed to the world what can be achieved by unwavering devotion even this Kali Yuga.
  • Meera Bai (1502 to 1556)
  • She was 54 years old when she merged with Krishna.
  • Her place of death is marked as Dwaraka.