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Camel In House Vastu Shastra – Vastu Direction Of Camel Figurine

As per Vastu shastra keeping camel image, photo, painting, drawing, miniature or figurine helps in overcoming health issues in the house. Metal camel figurine helps in overcoming bad luck. The camel figurine of metal should be placed in the northwest direction as per vastu. It is a symbol of never give up attitude.

It is believed by followers of Vastu that keeping the miniature camel or painting in the northwest direction will help in overcoming negative thoughts. Arrival of camel is seen as sign of positivity and reassurance.

A pair of metal camel is placed at home by people who expect high returns from investments and stock markets.

A pair camel with hump is placed at home as per vastu for release of stuck funds. It is believed that people will find earlier solution to Money stuck in property, investments, land etc by keeping a pair of humped camel.

As per Vastu experts, having a camel idol in study room or office will helping in improving focus. This will help students and those searching for job.

The best direction for keeping camel as per Vastu is northwest or northeast.

Camel Painting - Figurine symbolism

Camel symbolically represents survival against all odds.
Camel also symbolizes endurance, persistence, adaptation, long distance travel, resilience, survival, and safety.
Keeping camel figurines basically signals these aspects of life.