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Bhuvaraha Form Of Lord Vishnu - Information About Bhu Varaha Swamy

Bhuvaraha is one of the three different forms of Varaha Avatar of Bhagvan Vishnu that one will come across in paintings, murtis and sculptures. Bhu Varaha Swamy is also known as Adivaraha and Nrivaraha. Below is some important informations about Bhuvaraha form of Lord Vishnu.

The murti of Bhuvaraha has the face of a boar and the body of a man. The divine murti has four arms. What the arm carries varies from scripture to scripture. The color of the murti should be like the darkness of twilight.

As per Silparatna, his hands hold gada and padma and carry Bhoomidevi on the tusk. One of his feet rest on Adisesha and the other on a tortoise. The Silparatna also suggests that instead of the Varaha being half man and half boar, it may be worked out wholly as a boar with a thick snout, broad shoulder blades, long tusks and a big body cover with up-turned bristles.

It must be noted that in all Bhuvaraha murtis, Goddess Bhoomidevi is represented as a goddess in human form. Apart from the earth form that Varaha murti carries on His tusk.

For example Silparatna suggests that the goddess might be shown as seated upon the left elbow of the Varaha, with a nilotpala flower in her hand. Her face should have eyes which are expressive of wonder.

Details about Bhuvaraha murti form are found in Vaikhanasagama, Silparatna, Agni Purana and Vishnudharmotttara Purana.