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Wisdom alone can cure the disease of worldly entanglement

By consuming medicines, one attains relief from physical diseases. But man is afflicted with the disease of worldly entanglement for which there is no cure with ordinary medicines. The disease of worldly entanglement is due to ignorance and only cure it is through understanding one’s true nature. Wisdom alone can cure the disease of worldly entanglement.

Mundane wealth is transitory, but service to God lasts as long as the soul exists. Materialistic wealth leads to sorrows and fear of its protection. But the wealth of service towards God always gives bliss.

How foolish it would be, if man thinks of pursuing his work only under the light that flashes during a thunderstorm. Many people worship God only in the later stages of life; or when they face difficulties in life. Many postpones the journey to spiritual world? Spiritual life is taken up only after retirement.

Life is like a spinning-top that exists only for a second. Even the next moment of life is unpredictable. And, so leave the selfish attitude and gather spiritual wisdom that will help one to overcome worldly problems and pressures.

Just like how a spear is used to subjugate an intoxicated elephant, With the spears of knowledge, devotion and detachment, one should subjugate the mind and put it on the path of dharma.

A mahout subdues an elephant with his spears to make the elephant obedient. So we too should subdue our mind and senses and use it to reach the goal of self realization.