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Shiva Threw This Trishul On Kamdev – Can Be Seen At Gopinath Temple In Gopeshwar – Uttarakhand

There is a 5-meter high trident at Gopinath Temple in Gopeshwar – Uttarakhand. It is believed that Shiva threw this trishul on Kamdev.

Legend has it that Shiva was performing intense Tapas after the death of Sati. There was total imbalance in the universe. To bring back the universe into its prior state, Devas deputed Kamdev to arouse passion in Shiva so that he returns to worldly life. It is believed that Shiva threw a trident at Kamdev for disturbing his Tapas. Later Kamdev was burned down to ashes by the third eye of Shiva.

Gopinath Temple also known as Rudranath Mandir is a located about 10 km from Chamoli on the way to Ukhimath. The main murti worshipped in the temple is a Shivling.
The trident is about 5-meter high and has a diameter of 20 cm.

The trishul is made of eight different metals and stands outside in open air. In spite of being in open air for several centuries, the trishul has no weathered. Rain, sun, snow and wind has not effect on the trident.

Brahmi characters of sixth-seventh century AD is found on the trishul.

Another four short inscriptions on the Trishul is yet to be deciphered.

Devotees believe that it is impossible to move the trident using force. But when a true devotee touches the trident one can hear a tremor.