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Secret To Worry Free Life Is In a Clean Life

The secret to worry free life is in a clean life. This is very important to remember. All our worries are caused by certain uncleanliness that is inside us. It may be that the pretext of the worry is outside, but the real cause is always inside. And this is precisely why, no matter what happens to the ever-changing world outside us, we can overcome our worries. If the real causes of worries were outside, then it would not be possible to subdue all our worries, for what is outside us we can never fully control.

While the secret of worry free life is in a clean life, the secret of a clean life is in living certain simple teachings of the scriptures and the spiritual masters.

In other words, life lived in the light of Truth alone can be clean. And what is Truth and its implications for life should be learnt from the scriptures and the spiritual masters of the world.

Undoubtedly our lives are tainted by uncleanliness of various sorts and it would appear as though it is part of our being. But in our heart of hearts there is always a revolt against this uncleanliness.

A part of our mind always rejects it, while the other part may appear to accept it or even enjoy it, as a worm enjoys living in dirt. This is because a human being is a mysterious amalgam of spirit and matter. There is a secret longing within everyone of us for a clean life. Very often a whole life passes away before we could come to know how to do it. Yet the longing persists all the time.

There are many who say: ‘Come error be thou my guide,’ and when they are caught in the meshes of selfishness, lust and evil desires, misery is begot. Yet does all life yearn for the truth and the truth only can cure our diseases and give peace to our unrest.

Those who fail to aspire for truth have missed the purpose of life. Blessed is he who rests in truth, for all things will pass away, but the truth abides forever.

We all want to get rid of worries, yet all our lives worries only continue to increase. The simple reason for this peculiar situation is: either we do not know the methods of removing worries or even if we knew, somehow we would not just do those things which could remove our worries.

It is but common sense that if we really mean to remove our worries, we must enthusiastically do those things which cause their removal. But before we can do anything about removing our worries we must try to understand the phenomenon of worries as clearly as possible.

There are certain fantastic facts about our worries, which often escape our notice. If we would but analyze the absurdities of some of our worries, and realize their utter irrelevance, they would cease to exist right now, even though we might have been their victims for a quarter of a century.

It has been said that: 50% of our worries centre around our past, 40% around our future, and 10% centre around our present.

Now what good are these worries over the past? And what need have we of them? Most of the worries that centre round our past arise from the concept of sin and its inevitable results. Future worries are centered around fear and it is nothing but ignorance. The best way to overcome present worries is by following Dharma.

All our worries are rooted in our ego-sense. . . When faith ripens, the ego-sense disappears. And as Sri Ramakrishna says, when this ego-sense disappears all our worries will cease to exist. The man of true faith cannot have fear of the unknown. For what is unknown to him, is also within God. And what is within God is all good. It may be terribly good, of course! But he does not worry about it since it is within God. When faith knocks at our fear of the unknown, it also simultaneously uproots our fear of losing what we have gained, our fear of old age and our fear of death, all of which are rooted in our ego-sense.