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Mystical Experiences – Sri Ramakrishna

Sri Ramakrishna describes two of his mystical experiences:

One day, while worshipping Shiva, I was about to offer a bel-leaf on the head of the image, when it was revealed to me that this Virat, this Universe, itself is Shiva. After that my worship through the image came to an end.

Another day I had been plucking flowers, when it was revealed to me that the flowering plants were so many bouquets … adorning the Universal Form of God. That was the end of my plucking flowers.


He (Sri Ramakrishna) appeared to be an ordinary person, but his facial smile was unique. I have never seen the like of it. When he smiled or laughed, it appeared as if the wave of ananda was flowing through his eyes, face and even the entire body. And that divine blissful smile removed from one’s heart all the miseries forever. His voice was sweet, so sweet that one desired to just keep sitting and listen to his voice only, a voice which ‘poured nectar on the ears’. His eyes were bright, his look very sharp and affectionate. When he looked at others, it appeared as if he could see the inside (mental makeup) of them. At least I used to feel that way.

I felt that there existed deep and tangible tranquility in his room. All those present seemed to be enchanted with bliss while listening to the words which poured from the Master’s lips. I distinctly recall that picture of tranquillity in his room although I do not remember what conversations took place that afternoon.

I was sitting in a corner, looking, listening and experiencing an indescribable bliss. I did not pay heed to the conversations. I was only looking at him with rapt attention. He did not say anything to me, nor did I ask him anything.


We are killing time in the statistics of mango gardens with trees, branches, and leaves without eating the delicious mangoes. (Sri Ramakrishna)

All things, all sounds, all words are separate. But, at a distance, All is harmonized in Om, a single humming sound. From thence to Silence. Not even whisper. No muttering. Not even mental speaking. Complete Silence. Samadhi. (Sri Ramakrishna)