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Kanha Krishna Trying to Catch His Own Shadow

There is an interesting incident mentioned in scriptures about Kanha Krishna trying to catch his own shadow. This was when baby Krishna was moving around on his knees.

He was playing in the garden under the watchful eyes of Mata Yashoda.

Kanha Krishna noticed his shadow and started playing with it. When the shadow did exactly what baby Krishna did, Kanha was more interested to play with it.

He started making facing and showing different actions. He was happy to see the shadow doing the same.

After a few minutes, Kanha wanted to catch the shadow.

Mother Yashoda was watching all this with affection.

He tried to catch the shadow by going backwards, front, sideways but he was unsuccessful.

Kanha was amused by the fact that the shadow never left him even though he tried to capture it.

Soon Kanha got frustrated and became sad. Kanha noticed that the shadow also became sad.

Kanha then went crying to Mata Yashoda.

But she was helpless and she could not help Kanha in capturing the shadow.

This is Krishna Leela, the lord of universe, to satisfy his mother acts in a helpless fashion.