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Inner Journey of Self-Change Begins When We Realize We Are Beyond the Body

We are taught to think that we are the body or mind or a body-mind combine. This is ignorance. Very few escape from this ignorance. The route to escape from this ignorance opens up when a person evolves in one’s thoughts and perception, a new and better understanding opens up on one’s mental horizon. With a greater refinement of thinking, one begins to recognize the essential fallacy of body-mind being the Self. This realization is the start of the inner journey of self-change which every thinking human being is struggling for.

What stops us from the inner journey of true understanding is the senses. He who has the senses under control leads a life of bliss. Nothing can affect such a person.

Identifying oneself with unreal is the main reason for suffering. ‘I am body/mind,’ ‘I am beautiful/ugly’, ‘I am wealthy/poor’, ‘I am learned/ignorant’ … such thoughts block the road of self realization and divert us into a world of suffering. This wrong road in the beginning has wonderful scenes but later these very scenes cause immense suffering.

The senses can be controlled only through the correct use of intellect. He who is able to see that the tiny seed is the essence of each part of a huge tree escapes from the world of senses.

Without controlling or disciplining senses, one cannot face the vagaries of life.

Disciplined senses are man’s good friends or else they are enemies leading to greed and violence.

When intellect is made pure, free from all attachments we achieve control over the senses. The senses are no longer the masters.

We should free the intellect from likes and dislikes (raga and dvesha), purge it of all hankerings for enjoyment of objects of senses and redirect the intellect to its source, the Divinity within, which is by nature full of joy and peace.