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Improve Our Inner Life Before We Try For Improvement in the External Life

Majority of us yearn for perfection in life. It is good to strive for excellence in life but it is infinitely better to strive for excellence in internal life first. When we achieve excellence within we will achieve perfection in all our external ventures.

Spiritual values, which achieve excellence in internal life, far outweigh all material values. You will be never satisfied with outward perfection. There will be the desire to achieve more. But there is always peace and happiness in internal quest. There is an end to it.

A person who is aiming for perfection outside will never be happy with the success and affluence he has achieved. He is afraid of being overtaken by another person or afraid of being compared with another person who is even more successful. But had the person aimed for internal excellence first, he would have been happy with external achievements. He would have celebrated smaller success, shared it and aimed for more.  

What is the meaning and purpose of life? How can I be fulfilled and complete? We all will be forced to address these questions in our life. Only a person having experience in internal quest can face such questions.

Important questions about life crop up in our mind when we face difficulties in external world – when we suddenly lose all that we had amassed, when we are cheated, when we are abandoned, when we lose fame and honor. People who have not fortified their mind through internal perfection easily crumble – anger, frustration, suicide, violence, depression follows.

Only a person who has expanded his mind to see God in all animate and inanimate can face the tough situations of life boldly. Only he who has nurtured love, unselfishness, altruism and hope can take the blows of the external world.

Success, satisfaction, fulfillment, health, hope, lofty and clear practical goals…and other positive aspects in life need to be nurtured from a young age with the help of a realistic philosophy. There is no better guide to the internal quest than the Bhagavad Gita.

Mind is what makes a man. It needs to be taught to the importance of inner quest. It needs to be reigned in when we are on an outward quest.

Difficult and intimidating situations in life can only be faced by a person who has a strong mind. And a strong mind is one that has achieved perfection through proper understanding of the world and the working of the mind and thoughts. Only a mind that has control over the senses can achieve success in outer world and maintain it.

Therefore, improve our inner life before we try for improvement in the external life. Without proper understanding of what we are; we will not be able to achieve success in the outside world.