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Importance of Placing Kurma Yantra And Matsya Yantra In Huge Buildings And Industrial Workshops

In mantra sastra, the method of worshipping Kurma Yantras has been described. In temples, the Dwajasthambam (flag post), when building huge houses or industrial workshops, malls or big buildings in the eastern direction of the foundation, it has become a tradition to consecrate Kurma Yantras along with Matsya Yantra.

Since Maha Vishnu has taken Kurma Avatara and Matsya Avatara, by placing the Kurma Yantra and Matsya Yantra, Maha Vishnu himself becomes the guardian of the temple and the mansion or building.

Lord Vishnu sees to it that there is never lack of water in the place. The place becomes auspicious and healthy due to his presence. As the guardian deity He chases away all evil and negative energy, so that the area gains in prosperity and prominence. He also protects the building from all kinds of enemy activities.