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Hemakuta Temple – Group Temples on Hemakuta Hill in Hampi

Hemakuta Hill at Hampi consists of some of the earliest temples built by the Vijayanagara rulers. The hill is dotted with many smaller temples. The shrines do not exhibit any great architectural features.

All the temples at Hemakuta hill have three peaks, three vestibules a common navaranga mandapa and an entrance porch.

The temples are built of granite. A band of floral designs are found in the temple. Navaranga has devakosas (niches for gods), which are now empty but once contained images of gods and goddesses which were destroyed by Muslim invaders.

The sanctums of the temple are too empty.

The most striking aspect of the temples are its shikhara, which belongs to Kadamba-Nagara style with stepped pyramidal variety.

Majority of the temple in Hemakuta hills belongs to Hindu God Shiva. There are many rock-cut lingas. There are also shrines dedicated to Prasanna Virupaksha and Prasanna Anjaneya.