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Bulleh Shah Teachings

A collection of teachings of Bulleh Shah.

My dear, first know thyself. First realize the true nature of your Self. As you are ignorant of your own Self you are drowned in the ocean of sorrows. Nothing short of the knowledge of Self can make you happy. None can ever be happy in other million means. Having learnt the mystery from all clever scholars of the earth, Bulleh Shah addresses every man thus: “My dear, the four Vedas and the Quran all declare that you are the embodiment of absolute bliss and knowledge.

Closing your eyes and nose (i.e. all sense organs) be seated in solitude and meditate on Absolute Reality. Give up desires as they make the mind outward. Realize the emptiness and illusoriness of this world. Conquest of mind is possible only by desirelessness. The intellect is the knower of the external world. But Atman illumines the intellect. That atman is the immortal part of your being. Bulleh Shah says, My friend, realize this mystery and pass time in peace.’

In your all pervasive being there is not even the least perforation through which a blade of grass can enter. As one in sleep sees various dreams, so we see this cosmos on account of the nescience though it has never been created. Bulleh Shah says: “ In the world within or without there is nothing other than your own being. Your self-imposed ignorance has kept you ignorant of this great secret.

Meditate in your heart of hearts and experience that your being is the substratum of the cosmic illusion. It is through your being which is consciousness itself that others can know objects; otherwise no knowledge of objects is possible. As a boy is afraid of his shadow, so you are bound by the phenomena which is nothing but the creation so fyour own desires. Bulleh Shah says: “Who binds the spider? It weaves a net and gets entangled in it. We create our own bondage and cry for release!”