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Bhim Shila At Kedarnath – The Divine Rock That Protected Kedarnath Temple

On the night of June 16 2013, Kedarnath was hit by the worst flood in 100 years that brought in its wake unprecedented disaster to Uttarakhand. But a miracle rock, now known as Bhim Shila, protected the Kedarnath Temple. It came along with the flood waters and stood few meters behind the Baba Kedarnath Temple.

Landslide and mudslides occurred in and around Kedarnath. Waters started gushing from Chorabari Tal down Mandakini River washing everything away in its path. The waters brought along with it huge amount of silt, rocks and boulders. But none of the boulders and rocks could damage the Kedarnath Temple due to Bhim Shila. The huge boulder diverted the flow of water to the sides.

This rock has now become a part of the Kedarnath temple sanctity and is known as the divine rock of Bhima of Mahabharata.

The rock has got anchored some thirty feet away, right behind the main Kedarnath. It is around 20 feet wide and 12 feet or so tall.

Was it Hanuman meditating in the Himalayas that carried the rock down to protect Kedarnath Temple? It could be. Afterall Hanuman is Rudra Avatar.