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Everyone together, equally – For Peace and Progress

We all have so much love in our heart that we can shine eternally and make others too shine eternally.

Only by working together can there be peace and progress. There can be happiness only in togetherness. For this to happen we need to develop empathy and love for all living beings.

Rules and laws cannot bring happiness and creativity. They cannot enrich our life. Life achieves its goal voluntarily through cooperation. It has to happen naturally.

Inspiring each other, we need to learn to evolve and rise.

When we love and cooperate there will be no inequality, there will be stability, there will be safety, there will be justice without force, there will be progress and there will be no corruption.

Love and cooperation gives rise to trust and ethics. There will be freedom, choice and well being. Then we need not thrust morality and moral rules.

Everyone together, equally, that should be what should be imparted from a young age.

Children should be taught to work together, collectively for a specific good.

Look at the honeybees and learn the value of cooperation. Through teamwork they produce the sweetest thing on earth.