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Words of Wisdom - Dada J P Vaswani

Always Look At the Bright Side of Things

Everything has two sides – the bright and the dark or, as I would like to put it, the bright and the less bright.

A king had a dream in which he found that all his teeth had fallen out. He wanted an interpretation of the dream. A dream interpreter was sent for. He consulted the ancient books and said to the king – Sir, this is a most unfortunate dream. It signifies that all your family will die during your lifetime.

The king was disappointed and ordered the dream interpreter to put in prison.

Another dream interpreter was called and he too consulted the ancient books and said – ‘O king, this is a most fortunate dream. It signifies that you will survive all your dear ones. Long live the king!’

The king felt happy and rewarded the dream interpreter.

Both the statements have the same meaning. But it is the way you put it or look at it that matters. So always look at the bright side of things.

Dada J P Vaswani on the Search Within

Pilgrimages there are many. But if I have not entered upon the interior pilgrimage, I have wasted the golden opportunity of the human birth.

Superficiality characterizes everything we do. We judge people by the clothes they wear and the cars they drive. We occupy our minds with what we would like to eat, what we would like to buy and what we could do to impress friends and neighbors. We have no time to think of the world within.

In the world within you will not find material treasures; not the wealth of this world – but untapped, undreamt resourced of wisdom, peace, joy, spiritual strength, creativity and healing power.

We emphasize speech, action and outward show; we forget that there is a far more valuable aspect to life called reflection, contemplation and introspection.

Life on earth is transitory, momentary – Dada J P Vaswani

Every night before you retire go back over all that you have thought and said and done during the day – in reverse order. Repent for all sins of omission and commission of the day.

Repentance brings about a change of heart. Out of the heart are the issues of life. When the heart changes, man becomes new. He longs to dedicate his life to God.

As we learn to serve in a spirit of unselfishness, as we serve in a spirit of love and reverence, we grow more and more God-like.

Life on earth is transitory, momentary. When we drop the physical body, we shall feel as though we have awakened out of a dream. Then this entire life, which no appears to be so long – in some cases interminable – this entire life then appears to be but a moment in eternity. Let us make the most of this life and each day prepare for our life in eternity.