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Teachings From The Talks Of Osho

A collection of teachings from the talks of Osho.

In this world, there is only one happiness and that is to be yourself.

Dropping the mask and bringing out your original face is the whole alchemy of meditation.

Life is an art -- or it would even be better to call it a hunch. You have to feel it.
You will find meaning in life only if you create it.

Your home is within you. And you are not to search for it anywhere. You are your home.

A stone on the path can either be a stepping-stone hindering the path, or it can be a stepping-stone helping you to go higher on the path. The stone is the same, but how you use it all depends on you.

Silence is the space in which one awakens, and the noisy mind is the space in which one remains asleep.

It is not the distance that takes time, but the barriers, particularly those you create for yourself.

Spiritual experience is an experience of no thought.

A drop cannot know what an ocean is, until it dissolves itself in the ocean. An individual can never know the will of the whole, as long as that individual maintains his separate identity.

If you fight with anything false you will be defeated. How can you defeat something that does not exist? The only way is to bring light and see what is there.

Awareness means to be in the present moment so totally that there is no movement toward the past, no movement toward the future. All movement stops.

Knowledge is always of the past. Knowing is always here and now. Knowing is alive; knowledge is dead. Knowledge must cease for the knowing to be.

Osho Teachings on Future Religion

The future religion will not be of ritual. There will not be much worshipping but there will be much celebration. And, in fact, to celebrate is the only real worship. There will be much singing and dancing, but not offered to any God in particular, just offered to existence itself. A pouring of the heart, a communion of the heart. Dance itself is enough, it need not be for somebody. The song in itself is enough, it need not be addressed. The prayer in itself is enough, it need not be done in a temple, church or mosque. In fact, it need not be done at all, just a prayerful heart is enough.

And it will be a religion that will not be confined by any doctrine, any dogma — a religion which will not supply a philosophy but will certainly give you the vision of a different dimension of reality. (Excerpts from ‘The Revolution’ by Osho)

Every land has water underneath it but the difference is of depth

When a well is dug, first of all it is stones, pebbles and mud which come out and not the water. It depends on the land also. Somewhere the water is at thirty feet and somewhere the water is at sixty feet deep. Water is certainly there. Every land has water underneath it but the difference is of depth.

A simple-minded person will get the water soon – maybe at two, three or ten feet, and if a complicated person digs then he may get it at fifty or sixty feet. An innocent-minded person will get it quickly, but a violent, angry man will take a long time to reach the water level. The difference is in the layers of the land. Water is underneath all land.

The soul is there in everyone, godliness is there in everyone – the difference is in the layers of past actions. When you start digging you cannot straight away get the divine, you will get only the layers of actions because these surround it. When you first of all start digging the well you only get stones and pebbles. Do not get dejected by this. In fact this is a good beginning; these things give the signal that the journey has started. Yes, first of all stones and pebbles will come out, then garbage, then good earth, and then wet earth. You are going nearer and nearer every day. When you see the wet earth you must know that water is not very far away.

Water is inside everyone, because you cannot live without water. Life is inside everyone, how can you exist without life? You may have hidden it, you may have covered it, but you cannot destroy it. Soul can be covered with your activities but it cannot be destroyed. We have suppressed the soul in birth after birth, so the catharsis has to be done according to the degree of suppression. Therefore, do not be disheartened.