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Story – Help Others and Never Be Greedy

Once upon a time, there were two brothers. They were going from village to village searching for happiness. One day, while seeking happiness, they met an old man with a white beard carrying a sack.

The old man asked the brothers where they were going.

When he found out the reason for their journey, he told them: “I want to help you.”

The old man put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a handful of gold coins.

“Which one you want these?” the old man asked.

“I want them,” replied the big brother.

The old man gave the coins to the big brother.

Then the old man pulled out a precious gem and asked: “Which one of you want to have the gem?”

“I want it,” hastily said the big brother.

The old man gave the gem to the big brother.

The old man put down the sack he was carrying and said: “Now who is going to help me bring this sack to the village?”

The big brother said nothing. The little brother bent down to help him.

The old man smiled and said: “Follow me.”

The old man and the little brother reached a river. There they waited for the boat.

The old man told the boy not to follow him anymore. He also asked the little brother to take the sack along with everything that is inside.

“No it is not mine,” replied the little brother.

The old man insisted and said, “it is my gift to you.”

The little brother put down the sack and it was filled with precious gems.

He stood up to thank the old man, but all he could see was a boat disappearing into mist.