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Stop Showing Unhappiness and Critical Attitude

Many of us knowingly or unknowingly display unhappiness and critical attitude to others. This actually does not do any good to anyone. It only spreads negative energy. So instead of carrying our gloom outside we need to learn to spread fun and laughter.

Some people think that being a grouch will help them – they will be taken seriously by others. But this is not true.

Simply putting a mask of seriousness will not help you achieve success. The respect you get out of it will be fake.

The attitude that I am the center of the universe is bad for your mental health. Such people have a high chance of getting blood pressure and heart attack.

Serious people are not at all resilient. They cannot face a crisis. They will crumble under pressure.

To cultivate mental toughness one needs to be silly and fun loving. We need to accept all aspects of life.

Be genuine and learn to laugh and be cheerful.